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Travel Fun Book
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Travel Fun Book Font with Eraser

I originally made this book for my Girl Scout troop for them to take on summer vacations.  The kids loved them so much, I had to make them for the boys too!  I decided to share this book with all of my Yummy Friends!

  It's just a bunch of silly things I put together to keep the kids busy.  It's working!!  They Love it!!

See below for FREE Travel book!!

This set includes:

 Upper and Lowercase 1" font in satin

Blank Eraser (Eraser will fit in the 4x4 hoop.)

Eraser with the word "Eraser" on it as shown

You can do a bunch of erasers in one hooping, super easy and so cute!! This is a great font to use for so many things. It's the perfect size and sews out nicely. Perfect for stacking on larger letters too.

All you need is a 4" x 6" Photo Album, some Dry Erase Markers, Paper, and some In the Hoop Erasers with your little ones names on them.

For fun, add family photos and the kids can draw mustaches and funny faces on everyone.  Add a piece of yarn to play cats cradle.

As they play games, and draw right in the book, they can erase, and play again!!  It's Genius!  No mess, and it's never ending! They can play the same game 100 times!  Love Love Love it!!

You could even make an alphabet book for a little one learning to write.  They can practice writing letters, or their name.  Just print letters and put the pages in the book for them to trace over.

Add stickers and a reward chart for brushing teeth or good behavoir

You can download the book for free on my yahoo group. (Scroll up and click on the yahoo icon on the left side of this page to get there.)

(These are just a few of the games we have fun playing.  We plan on adding more as we find them)


Car Bingo

Don't Eat Pete- (My kids very favorite!!)

Dot Game


Scavenger Hunt


Tic Tac Toe

Travel Journal pages

Word Search and more...


Store your pens and eraser in the back of your book in one of the picture pockets.

Supplies Needed 

4x6 photo book- These are the ones that hold about 36 pictures- 

I got mine for $1.00 (love a good deal!!)

Walmart, Target, Dollar store, ect…

Small pieces of felt or flannel fabric for yoru eraser

      Dry Erase Markers - The thin ones


Yarn for Cats Cradle

Pictures of family to draw funny faces on

Small children to enjoy this book with

































5.  Lay them out in the order you would like them.  Insert the “My Travel Book” on the front, and I like to put “Don’t eat Pete” on the very back, so it’s easy to play.  Kids love that one!! (You might too!!) J  You can put your favorite on the back so it’s always ready. 

6.  Hangman- Make sure the hangman worksheet is next to the Hangman letter sheet. 

7.  Fill in the rest of the book with blank pages to color, or pictures to draw funny faces on.

Travel pages not included in instant download.  They can only be downloaded from the yahoo group.

I hope this book will bring tons of smiles to lots of little faces.  :)


1.  Download the pages of the travel book from TheYummyFactory Yahoo Group.  To get there, click on the yahoo icon on the left side of this page.

2.  Once you are in the yahoo group, look under files, Travel Fun Book 3.  Two different ways to print:  You can cut paper 4x6 and tell your printer the paper size is 4” x 6”.  Or you can print 3 on an 8 ½” x 11” page if you have the ability to print multiple images. 

3.   Cut additional 4” x 6” blank pages

 4.  Battle ship, Print extra battle ship fields. (I print a stack, this one is popular)  You will need one for each player.  In the book I put 2 sheets on facing pages so they can stand the book up and have one on each side.  That way they can’t see the other players board. 

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