Bake a Cupcake Wishing Game

Bake a Cupcake Wishing Game
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I designed this set for my Daughter Lexi as a birthday gift for her 10th birthday.  She told me this is her very favorite thing I have ever made for her, with the Tea Party coming in at a close second.  (She had a hard time deciding)  

Build a Cupcake









   Collect Wishes.  You can use them to make wishes right away, or save them.






 Set comes with everything you see here, except for items from my kitchen :)   Will ALL fit in the 4x4 hoop except for the bag.  This set includes both a 5x7 bag, and a 6x10 bag.  Complete instructions with pictures each step of the way!!  Printable game rules too! Back of the carrier.  All done in one hooping.  :)



















You will need:

One complete Cupcake for each player

1 Die


Every time you roll a 5, you get to pick a wishing star.  You can use it to make a wish right away, or save them for later. Once you make a wish, you need to return your star to the wishing pond so it can get more wishing magic to grant more wishes.  Wishes can be given away if someone really needs a wish.

Starting the Game

Birthday Boy or Girl goes first on the first game. If there isn’t a birthday, youngest player goes first.  Before play begins, the Birthday Girl or Boy gets a free Wish!    

Each player takes turns rolling the one die, one time on each turn.

If you roll a 1, select a Liner

If you roll a 2, add a Piece of Cake.

If you roll a 3, add some Frosting

If you roll a 4, add your topping

If you roll a 5, pick a Wishing Star

If you roll a 6, put any piece back

Once you have a complete Cupcake (Liner, Cake, Frosting, and one Topping) you need to roll a 5 to get a final wish!!

Winning the Game 





  The first player to make a complete Cupcake and make a final Wish wins the game!! 








































Here is a game Sharon made for her Granddaughters Birthday Party.  So cute Sharon!!  Love the baseball and camo ones!

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